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Medical Vacuum Suction System Introduction The system is based on the vacuum pump unit of the center suction station as the vacuum pressure source. Through the suction of the vacuum pump, the suction pipe reaches the required negative pressure value, and generates suction in the operating room, emergency room, treatment room and the terminal of each ward. It is mainly used to remove sputum, blood, pus and other pollutants from the patient's body. The system assembled by Europe vacuum pump and medical gas bacteria filter, with stable vacuum degree, low noise and no pollution. The whole system could be started and stopped by manually and automatically, fault alarm timely and comprehensively, and realized signal remote transmission (optional). Medical Vacuum Suction System Components Central Suction Station It is an independent operation room, composed by vacuum pump unit and vacuum container. Generally including vacuum pump, vacuum tank, negative pressure automatic control cabinet, alarm, sewage tank, negative pressure pipeline and terminal. Vacuum pump is installed two sets, one operation, and the other standby, to ensure the uninterrupted work. Vacuum tank is a container to store negative pressure, to prevent the vacuum pump from starting frequently. The negative pressure automatic control cabinet could start and stop the two units respectively by manual control and automatic control, the two modes switch automatically. When the pressure reaches the alarm pressure value, sound-light alarm is carried out. The low pressure alarm is -0.073mpa, the high pressure alarm is -0.019mpa. It will come into operation after power failure. The drain tank is used to store the dirt in the suction pipe system, discharge regularly. The alarm is installed in the duty room, and the sound-light alarm can be heard and seen within the range of 1.5m under the environment of 60dBa noise. Suction Pipe The piping system from the central suction station to each ward, floor and ward, mainly including vacuum piping and some piping elements. Terminals It is the end of suction line, plug type self-sealing quick joint, connecting the device such as suction device and suction bottle. Medical Vacuum Suction System Technical Parameters Suction Volume: 25-630m3/h Motor Power: 0.75-20KW Terminal Negative Pressure Value: adjustable within the range of 0.02mpa-0.07mpa Terminal Suction Rate: ≥30L/min System Leakage Rate per Hour: ≤1% Medical Vacuum Suction System Features High vacuum, stable performance and long service life Flow rate: 4-1300m3/h (per pump) Vacuum range: 0.5-500mbar (absolute pressure) No access to water Compact structure, economic space occupation Simple operation, easy maintenance, less noise Multiple units can be realized by PLC joint control GDMS system can be connected Comply with European CE EN737-3 standard