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On-site Oxygen Plant/ PSA Oxygen Generator For Pulp and Paper

High levels of dissolved oxygen are essential to the gold / silver mining industry's leaching process. Increasing the dissolved oxygen level in gold / silver bearing slurry enhances the cyanidation process, as well as reducing cyanide and waste treatment costs. Our equipment is fully automatic, easy to maintain, and produces a continuous flow of oxygen directly to the leaching tanks.

 Work Principle

The PSA oxygen technology process for the generation of oxygen gas from compressed air utilizes the ability of Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) to absorb mainly nitrogen. While nitrogen concentrates in the pore system of the ZMS, the qualified purity of oxygen will be produced.


Advantage  * Most reliable technology * More advanced and more economical air separation modules. extremely low power consumption * Simple engineering design, Less components = lower maintenance cost * Automated Operation. * Turn-key solution and pre-commissioned. * Skid mounted design, easy installation. * Durable Molecular Sieve and Steel Structures ensures longer life. * We take the one-on-one service mode , one customer--one saler--one engineer for every set of oxygen generator

Payment term, Delivery&Packing -Payment Term:30% advance payment and balance before shipment, or 100% irrevocable and confirmed Letter of Credit. -Delivery time: 15 ~45 days on receiving payment. -Packing: Wooden boxes.