Factory making O2 Generator For Welding - mini medical oxygen generator – Cape Golden

Medical Oxygen Generator is a cabinet-type design, highly integrated and on-site intelligent operation equipment, to meet the medical oxygen demand of small and medium-sized medical institutions, elderly care institutions and laboratories. It is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with relevant standards of ISO9001, ISO13485, CE and FDA. CombiTAC has China national patent (patent number: ZL 2019 2 0454312.8). The design of Medical Oxygen Generator takes into full consideration of the characteristics of oxygen consumption and using occasions, and performs well in the aspects of reliability, convenience, economy and wide applicability. Specification
Flow Rate 35LPM ~45LPM
Purity ≥93%
Outlet Pressure 4bar
Power 5.8kw
Noise 55db
Maintenance Period ≥16000h
Weight 250kg
Dimension 100012001670mm
Optional Built-in oxygen booster, outlet pressure: 8bar
Remote mobile and computer monitoring
Oil free scroll air compressor Hitachi, Japan
Zeolite Molecular Sieve CECA, France
Air dewatering and filtration purification system ATS, Italy
Air distribution system BF, Germany
Pneumatic valve and solenoid valve SMC, Japan
Control cabinet and man-machine interface Siemens, Germany