Laboratory nitrogen generator Guardian Series

Guardian Series Based on the liquid quality products of many liquid quality manufacturers in the world, we have launched an integrated design full performance nitrogen generator to become the guardian of liquid quality instruments. Using the guardian series of the most reliable molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption technology in the world at present, the separation efficiency and use efficiency are further improved, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced, which fully embodies the design idea of green environmental protection. same performance index, energy consumption is 41.8% of membrane separation. Characteristics Advanced technology, using the most efficient molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption technology, high purity, good stability, long life Advanced design, multi-cavity design, isolation compressor temperature effects, noise effects, vibration effects and improve the compressor to make Service life; Advanced control: the whole process temperature control, to ensure the compressor operating temperature stability; multi-point PLC program control, to ensure the flow control, Safety control of leakage protection Convenient: Easy to install (plug and play), easy to use (one-click start and stop), easy to move (universal casters) Reliable: The core component adopts the international first-class brand, the water removal uses the membrane type dryer, is currently the highest efficiency, the dew point can reach to -15~-40℃, while the general adsorption dryer and freeze dryer water removal efficiency is general, dew point can only reach 2~17℃. Purification Component Effective filtration of small particles, lead benzoate and other impurities, filtration accuracy of 0.01 u.

Technical parameters
Type of instrumentParameters Guardian ATEN-30 Guardian ATEN-60
Nitrogen flow 32L/min 64L/min
Nitrogen purity 97%~99.9% 97%~99.9%
Export pressure 0.69 mpa/100psi 0.69 mpa/100psi
Dew dew point -50℃ -50℃
Noise 52 db 52 db
Electrical requirements 230V50/60Hz 230V50/60Hz
Power consumption 0.75 kw 1.45 kw
phthalate None None
Cleanliness <0.01 u <0.01 u
Residual liquid None None
Maximum altitude 2000 m 2000 m
Working environment 5-35℃/41-95℉ 5-35℃/41-95℉
Boot time 30 min 30 min
Nitrogen interface dimensions 6 6
Shape dimensions 60*60*80 60*110*140
Weight 120 kg 180 kg
Main Liquid Type: waters Single Grade Four Bar SQ and A-QDa; waters triple quadrupole X-TQ series; waters four-stage pole flight time and other full series; Thermo Orbitrap Q-E series, E-P series: Thermo Triple Quadrupole TSQ series; LCQ and LTQ series; Shimadzu's 8020,8030 series; Agilent's 6100 series of single four-stage rods 6130,6150,6400 series of triple four-stage rods 6420,6460,6470,6500 series of precision quality four-stage rods 6530,6545 Q-TOF series. It is also suitable for all kinds of nitrogen blowers.

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