Movable Containerized type oxygen generator

Movable Containerized type oxygen generator Oxygen generation system produces oxygen at purity about 93~95%, and the capacity can be from 1~300Nm3/hour. The system incorporates an Atlas Copco screw air compressor, JMEC refrigerated air dryer and Parker filters, SunnyYoung oxygen generator air buffer tank, oxygen buffer tank, oxygen booster.
Work Principle The PSA oxygen technology process for the generation of oxygen gas from compressed air utilizes the ability of Zeolite Molecular Sieve (ZMS) to absorb mainly nitrogen. While nitrogen concentrates in the pore system of the ZMS, the qualified purity of oxygen will be produced.
Our Advantage Strong technology research and development team Cape Golden relies on the technology advantage of Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Agricultural University, with more than ten years experience of air separation and agricultural irrigation technology, now we could meet customers’ different requirements in various fields, we always insist on providing economic, reliable, efficient and standard instruments and service. Perfect production quality assurance measures Beijing Cape Golden Gas System Company LTD., conducts quality control management in production process, in accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system standard, including: 1. Clear the customer's requirements, provide perfect, reasonable technology solutions 2. contract review 3. design control 4. Spare parts procurement, outsourcing processing control 5. manufacturing control 6. The factory inspection 6. Equipment packing and shipping control Delicate and careful on-site training and after-sales service Cape Golden provides on-site training for each sold product and after-sales service, on-site training is for unlimited time, for the customers to completely understand the indicators of the products. After-sales service hotline for 7*24 hours, to guide the customer problems at any time. The 37 after-sales service personnel provide on-site service for global customers. Since the Company’s establishment, there is not one case of after-sales service complaint, our company gets customers in various areas of the world high praise.
 PSA Oxygen generator
Capacity (Nm³/h) Purity(%) Model
1 93~99 CAOG-1
2 93~99 CAOG-2
4 93~99 CAOG-4
5 93~99 CAOG-5
6 93~99 CAOG-6
8 93~99 CAOG-8
10 93~99 CAOG-10
15 93~99 CAOG-15
20 93~99 CAOG-20
25 93~99 CAOG-25
30 93~99 CAOG-30
40 93~99 CAOG-40
50 93~95 CAOG-50
60 93~95 CAOG-60
100 93~95 CAOG-100
200 93~95 CAOG-200
CA® PSA Oxygen generator for filling cylinders
Qty of cylinders (pieces/day) Purity(%) Model
12 93~99 CAFS-3
20 93~99 CAFS-5
40 93~99 CAFS-10
60 93~99 CAFS-15
80 93~99 CAFS-20
100 93~99 CAFS-25
120 93~99 CAFS-30
200 93~99 CAFS-50
320 93~99 CAFS-80
400 93~99 CAFS-100
Remark: Cylinders capacity is  6m3
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