Technical Guidance in Progress——Experts of Qualification Assessment Visit our Company for Academic Guidance

Recently, Beijing senior evaluation experts Ge Zhiqiang and Xu Guolin visited our company for academic guidance.


Participants in this academic conference are: vice-general manager of our company, technicians responsible for our production technology, logistics, financial and personnel. We gathered together and discussed with two experts the laws and regulations related to qualification recognition of gas separation manufacturing institutions, the general requirements of gas equipment institutions and other relevant standards and regulations under the new situation.


The experts expounded the matters need to be paid attention in the review process, especially the requirements of the company’s quality, environment, employee occupation and health and safety management, made a deep analysis of the actual problems and typical cases encountered in the company’s certification consultation. The expert’s explanation benefited us a lot. At the same time, we offered suggestions on how to improve the consulting service of enterprise qualification certification.


This technical guidance exchange meeting, not only improved our technical level, but also recognized and affirmed our current work by evaluation experts. This academic guidance provided us with many constructive suggestions.