Cape-Golden Oxygen & Nitrogen Generator were Accepted and Delivered to the Pakistani Customer

Recently Cape-Golden delivered a PSA oxygen generator CAOG-60 and a PSA nitrogen generator CNANG-75 to ECS, a well-known Engineering company in Pakistan.


After a long time of contact and investigation, ECS finally decided to choose Cap-Golden air separation equipment to replace the original oxygen source, so as to solve the problems such as high use and maintenance costs and restricted sources.


The two senior Engineers of Pakistan who accepted the equipment were satisfied with the excellent performance and quality of the Cape-Golden equipment, and appreciated the excellent manufacturing process of Cape-Golden. Cape-Golden technical department trained two engineers about the PSA air separation knowledge, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of nitrogen generator and oxygen generator.


In addition to providing customers with more reliable, more economical and more convenient air separation solutions, Cape-Golden will continue to provide timely and perfect after-sales service support for domestic and foreign customers after the equipment is delivered.