The promotion and application of PSA Oxygen Generator in Hospitals

PSA Oxygen Generator takes air as raw material at room temperature and low pressure, directly separates the oxygen from air (about 21%) by physical method, thus producing high-purity medical oxygen with the concentration of 90%-96%. PSA oxygen generator is characterized by fast oxygen production, safety, economy, convenience and easy to replace the old bottled oxygen and chemical oxygen production.


When PSA Oxygen Generator is under production, molecular sieve will emission the adsorbed nitrogen under decompression back to air. During the next pressure, it could be adsorbed nitrogen and produce oxygen. The whole process is a periodic dynamic cycle process, molecular sieve is not consumed. Therefore, compared with other device, PSA Oxygen Generator is much more energy saving and environmental protection.


Recent years, PSA Oxygen Generator has been gradually popularized and applied in large and medium-sized hospitals in world.