Psa Nitrogen Generator 95%-99.9995% 1-1000m3/H

Psa Nitrogen Generator 95%-99.9995% 1-1000m3/H PSA Nitrogen generators have become the preferred source of producing on-site Nitrogen gas. Nitrogen plants based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology are very reliable and give many years of trouble free operation.  Nitrogen Generator Usage: Food and beverage industries Aircraft & motor vehicle tires Chemical and petrochemical industries Electronics industry Metallurgy / heat treatment Pharmaceutical industry Glass and lighting industry Oil & Gas  
Usage Capacity   Purity Material
nitrogen  generator 5-2000Nm3/hour 95%~99.9995% Carbon steel or stainless steel
Delivert time Working Pressure Power Consumption Outlet Dew Point
40days 5~8bar 0.1kw/hour -60ºC~-45ºC

Advantage * Most reliable technology * More advanced and more economical air separation modules. extremely low power consumption * Simple engineering design, Less components = lower maintenance cost * Automated Operation. * Turn-key solution and pre-commissioned. * Skid mounted design, easy installation. * Durable Molecular Sieve and Steel Structures ensures longer life. * We take the one-on-one service mode , one customer--one saler--one engineer for every set of nitrogen generator .
Nitrogen Generator On Site

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