Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Generator


PSA Nitrogen generators have become the preferred source of producing on-site Nitrogen gas. Nitrogen plants based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology are very reliable and give many years of trouble free operation. 

When the primary pressure of the reservoir is gradually depleted over time, additional energy must be added to the reservoir to drive the reservoir products to the surface. N2 or natural gas is used to provide this additional pressure.

Usage Capacity   Purity Material
nitrogen  generator 5-2000Nm3/hour 95%~99.9995% Carbon steel or stainless steel
Delivert time Working Pressure Power Consumption Outlet Dew Point
40days 5~8bar 0.1kw/hour -60ºC~-45ºC
Advantage * Most reliable technology * More advanced and more economical air separation modules. extremely low power consumption * Simple engineering design, Less components = lower maintenance cost * Automated Operation. * Turn-key solution and pre-commissioned. * Skid mounted design, easy installation. * Durable Molecular Sieve and Steel Structures ensures longer life. * We take the one-on-one service mode , one customer--one saler--one engineer for every set of nitrogen generator .
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