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The purpose of building clean operating room is to create a bacteria-free environment to reduce the infection rate and cross infection rate of operation , and improve the operative successful rate,promote the recovery of patients. It is very helpful for reducing patients’ burden and increasing benefit for hospital. According to the key points of each department, the design principle must conform to the national standard, and promise the various indexes of purification: cleanliness, section wind speed, air change times, static pressure difference, temperature and humidity, illumination, noise, fresh air volume, air distribution, self-cleaning time and other parameters.  Creating a safe and reliable operating environment for patients , eliminate the risk of postoperative infection; It also can create a quiet and comfortable working environment for the doctors. The working process of Laminar flow operating room  

Equipment Supporting System


 air conditioning system

The purification air conditioning system adopts the way of fresh air concentrated deep treatment and circulator auxiliary treatment, which is cleaner and more flexible than the traditional air conditioning system.